Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kaleidescope of Ideas

It's been a quick week, and Friday is upon laundry is piled up, dinner is as yet uncooked, the house is only passably clean, and for a creative, that bar is considerably lower than average. I've written minimally and not even finished reading a book I'm reviewing. Outrageous, for a bookish nosher who eats print non-stop!
I've spent nearly half of this week on twitter in the company of creative individuals that threatened to take my breath away, and then take my confidence with it. The mind-numbing trip I've been on is worthy of note, simply because it shouted like a collective voice into my soul. I'm more than a little bit intimidated.

Instead, I'm deciding to be inspired.
Here's just a few of the spots I've lingered in. Kevin Adams frank admission of his hardships and ensuing need to walk by faith was so honest, I had to read it twice to believe it. Sarah Cunningham's story about a boy who lived on her couch was touching, and made me glad when I said yes to someone sleeping on my couch.

'got some projects in mind for my own happiness' was a phrase I pulled from an artist blog linked with twitter acct @magicplum. I've since lost the link. (Sorry) I love that! If you said it, let me know and I'll give you credit! has a tablescape section that  is a magical place where dinner tables become worlds in their own right, making mealtime the ultimate escape into bliss! Check out the one about Lord Byron.

@nathanbransford continues his heavy-hand-up for the struggling author by serving fare on publishing and book news that I can hardly live without.

So, while the dirty clothes are waiting and my family wonders if I still live here, I'll leave you to lose yourself in this wonderful room we call inexplicably 'the web' and marvel at the spacious place our minds are.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 12

It's the day after.

A horrendous event shook our country to it's very core 9 years ago yesterday.

All the adrenaline, fervor, unity and everything it took to make it through was at it's peak on that day, or perhaps peaking a few months after, and with each passing day, the memory fades and pales in comparison to the shockingly sharp and painful blow we felt that day.

And now it's the day after. The day after 9 years ago.

Elementary school students now know about the event only from hearing about it from their teachers and parents and by reading about it in textbooks. 8 year old children and younger were born after.

The day after reveals who we really are, after the knee-jerk reaction is replaced by business as usual.

The day after the wedding, the birth, the funeral, the spiritual rebirth, the opening of a new company.

Everything that comes after the event is what defines the people we truly want to be.

And what have we done with our day after?

For it is still the day after, and it is never too late to be the people we really want to be.
 God Bless America. America Be a Blessing!