Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sitting on Hands, Living the Plan

C S Lewis said, "It seems like there's no plan because it's all plan."

Well I'm living in the 'seems like' today.

How blessed I am, and how little I know it. The focus of my life has been mothering, helping kids to learn music, and lately helping brides with their special day, and writing like mad about everything I've read about.

Doesn't sound very focused, does it? Nope, I'm busy, behind and broke.

 But, I'm breathing! And I believe in the plan.

And that will be my focus, for today.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rough Ride

Review of
William F Buckley
By Jeremy Lott

Lott’s biographical work on William F. Buckley traces his beginnings as a Catholic, and man of faith, and his political work in the founding of the National Review, the publication for which Buckley is most well known. He references his talks on The Firing Line, and draws from many of Buckley’s actual words. 

Fascinated by the man, I was not as drawn in to Mr. Lott’s detailed depiction of his life. I found it ‘tough meat to chew’ as someone who was not familiar with the political figures prominent during Buckley’s heyday. I found the references to chronological events a bit muddled, and hard to follow. While I came to admire Mr. Buckley for his stance as a political dissenter, this book did not really give me a clear picture of Buckley the man. Everything I knew about Buckley before I read the book tended toward the coldly intellectual.  It left me feeling a little dry. But, maybe, that was intended? 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from with the understanding that I would post an honest opinion about the book.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Fingers are Sweating

The tips of my fingers are sweaty.

I just wrote something and submitted it to an editor.

Maybe it's no good.

Maybe she/he won't like it.

Maybe I'm too late.

Maybe I should have worked harder on it.

Maybe I should go back to washing dishes. (my first job)

But in any case, I clicked the send button, and it is out of my sweaty palms.

Laundering Money

Lately, my personal finances resemble my laundry. Backed up and in need of freshening!

Every time I turn around I see another pile. Just when I thought I'd taken care of this or gotten to that, it stares me down, clogging the hallway of life in it's insistence on  immediate attention.

In every stage of life there is a subliminally devastating crisis-like problem that you must focus on and solve, or...else.
When  I was single, it was "I must be married."
When I was married, it was "I must start a family."
When I had a family it was, "I must raise my family."
Now, it is, "I must pay for everything I thought I could afford during the last decade."

My father used to say, "This too shall pass."

I hope he was right.

Overused Phrases: Addendum

Rattling around in my head are a couple more ancient goodies. Perhaps, if you were born after 1980, you haven't heard them. Sorry about that. Consider this part of your classic education.

As it were.  Is this even grammatically correct? It's been used academically for years as far as I know, and I don't know how 'they' got away with it.

So to speak.  Wow. Almost Shakespearean English.

If you will.  I feel like I'm stuck in the middle of 'The Importance of Being Earnest' and the butler is holding out his hand to let me into the room. Is that a bad thing?

Monday, October 11, 2010

First Off and Other Overused Phrases

When does something become cliche?
Where's the line between 'overused' and saturatedly popular?
When does it go from being cute, and 'in' to being passe?
May I be a teeny bit peevish with my unwanted pets?

By and large. Really? Who started this in the first place? and whoever kept it going?

That being said. So what? You said it. Do you have to say that you said it, after saying it...?*Yawn*

First off. Now this one is a true 'midwesternism' but it's creeping all the way west. The off seems off-putting, somehow, as if we're at the start of a race. It's unnecessary adrenaline.

I'm just sayin 's all..." Must I let go of this? I kind of still like it. Just a few more million times, and I'll hang it up!

Enough said. Okay then.

Suffice it to say. Yup. It's sufficed.

It goes without saying. Mmhmm...

I just had my own little writer's convention bash session. Thanks for joining!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is a Wedding?

Everyone all dressed up?
A great meal?
Beautiful setting, decorations?
Wedding cake?
A time where two people gather their friends and family together to let them know of their intention to commit their lives to each other?
A party of people who wish the best for the host and hostess?
Yes, we had all of that. Every wedding usually does.

But not every wedding is also a time when the family joyfully carries the bride emotionally to her lover in peace and purity, and two families welcome each other into their respective lives.
We witnessed that last night!

Best of wishes, Brooke and Lars!