Monday, November 11, 2013

A Review of Codename Hannah by Dan Melligan

A seemingly mild mannered computer programmer is drawn into a high stakes headlock between his crooked boss, and a corrupt federal government digital espionage program. Multi-layered with plenty of money, women and gambling, Milo Caldwell's life spirals downward quickly.  When he discovers just how deep he's in, it's far too late to escape without dire results. His wife, often in the dark about the details of his job, while he works insanely long hours and is away from home most of the time, patiently sticks by him through it all.
This riveting story is made even more intriguing by the suspicion that it just may be true, the names changed, of course, protecting both innocent and guilty, as several key details are easily traceable.

It's the first of three, and I'll be reading them all.
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