Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What I Wish the Church Would Change Part 3

Now that's what I'm talking about! The unique re-purposing of an old organ. I'm a keyboard player from way back. Piano, however, is my specialty - not that I have anything against organs. If they did this to a piano (I've seen it) my stomach would lurch a little. 

Speaking of stomach lurching, as I have surfed the representation of the church in cyber pages from around the world, all too often I've observed that those who call themselves believers use the internet to spread a doctrine of judgmental jabs and frankly, pure hate, masked as faith. Sadly, facebook or twitter may be the only Jesus some people ever see. As I see it, it is not our job to morally reform the masses online. The missing element  involves the most desperately needed commodity on the planet. The thing I wish would change involves the face of Christianity that  the world perceives.

What then is the essence of the church? If it was boiled down, what would be left in concentrate?The people that make up the global church are unique in many ways, but there is one defining core characteristic that has the power to rivet the attention of almost anyone. It transcends methodology, style, and all other outward signs of religious activity. What is it? I thought you'd never ask.They will know we are Christians by our doctrinal statement? By our strict adherence to a set of social issues? By our political party policies or affiliation? No, by our love. Period.

What would happen if, instead of wowing the world with our ability to be culturally attractive, or morally correct, or politically moderate, we re-purposed our outward 'shell' to be the equivalent of a coffee sharing center of hope, comfort and grace?

I received so many thoughtful responses to my last post. Many of you echoed my feeling of being stuck in a rut, and some shared experiences of new and interesting ideas that remind me of this poor old organ - refitted for a new purpose. It's my hope that you personally may be revitalized with courage to spread everywhere the hope and love of God. All the other stuff may just be bauble.