Saturday, October 1, 2011

Intimidated by a Smart Phone

It's chic. It's cool. It was *free*.
It knows things I don't and assumes I know things.

It has its own  vocabulary. I thought I was pretty intelligent to use the word sync in a musical sense. Oops. I have to choose to sync apps manually or (I forgot the other choice). Speaking of choices, it offers me more choices than a Costco in Hong Kong. I'm a baby boomer in app paradise.

It takes pictures almost before I push the button, and I call people accidentally.

It can leap tall buildings in a single bound, and go across two oceans to tell me the time, news and weather in Germany.

I'm impressed. I feel a little bit smarter, but not much.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Toast to the Mystery

In the past week, who could have guessed that more people would be jeopardized by cantelopes than by falling satellite debris?

Who knoweth what a day may bring forth?

When I awaken each morning I have expectations about what the day will bring based on several things: what I have to do for the day, how my mood is, how the people I live with respond to me, and what I believe about the Creator of life. It's often in that exact order.

Tomorrow  is an unopened package that I mentally shake, and maybe even tear a corner off of to peek into the future. I live virtually blind to the future, and yet I live each day with hope. The amount of hope I have for the day usually determines how well I meet it. In other words, if I look for a good day, I can generally find it.

Here's hoping that you meet the next new day, new week, new month, and  new season with courage and above all, hope.