Friday, April 29, 2011

God Save the Queen - and Everyone Else

The bells rang for three hours!

When was the last time you experienced an event that warranted the glorious ringing of bells for three solid hours?

If nothing else, the Royal Wedding reminded me of all the good news I have ever known:

That little boys have angelic voices. 

That a country can remember the God of its fathers.

That Jesus Christ is the picture of a loving husband, offering his life in sacrifice to anyone who will come to Him.

That marriage is a living example of this.

That we are always encouraged to live at peace with each other, and race to be the first in honoring one another.

That personal relationships are not the answer to all our problems, our relationship with God is.

That the marriage of a man and woman is a sacred, holy moment, and deserves the attention of people everywhere who wish to support it.

In the spirit of good news, ring on!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The View From the Outside Cover of My Yet Unpublished Book(s)

The best things in life are truly free.

A friend recommended Stephen king's book "On Writing" and I picked it up at my favorite place-the Modesto Library!
After I trudged through the somewhat sad and seedy story of his early life (chalk that off the list of possible correlations of my life to famous writers) I got into the meaty business of how to be a writer. In the middle of a very practical treatise on making writing an everyday part of your life (or perhaps, 'how to fit a life into your reading and writing') I quote the King on this and declare it to be a true treasure.

"If you feel you need permission to do all the reading and writing your little heart desires, consider it hereby granted by yours truly."  He was 53 when he wrote this, and I'll turn 53 this year. Dare I call it a sweet coincidence?

To all my word-loving friends I pass this on, for free.

Thanks for reading!