Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Castle Living

We toured a castle this weekend. I've often fantasized about living in one. Turrets, braziers in the great room, tapestries on the wall, a roast pig turning on a spit on the hearth, and of course a moat to keep out undesirable enemies. I would be the lady of the castle and order delicacies caught on the expansive grounds and prepared in the kitchen below in stone ovens. Entertainment would be provided during our elaborate feasts by courtiers, musicians and artisans, and everyone would revere the lord of the castle, my husband, of course! Our conquests and magnanimous treatment of everyone in our employ (noble knights included) would be known throughout the land.

That was before my furnace went out.

I had heard that castles were cold. Somehow I'd left the actual temperature out of my fantasy.

We've been waking up to temperatures under 60 F. I must concede that a castle just might get colder than that, unless you're glued to the fireplace.

I've been very attached to my fireplace lately, but last night we used up the last of the firewood. Which is why today, I'm typing this post at my local (warm) coffee shop. My lord (hubby) told me that the price of a cup of coffee would be cheaper than cranking up the electric space heater or turning on the oven, again. I'm not in a castle. But I'm warm.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


It only takes a spark
to get a fire going
and soon all those around
can warm up to its glowing
that's how it is with God's love
once you experience it
you want to sing
its fresh like spring
you want to pass it on

Do you remember this 'hippie song' from the seventies?

When I was a teen we used to sing it every week in our youth group meeting. Songs come and go in popularity, but love never does. This weekend, we have been surrounded by love, of all kinds, from all corners, and we are still in the warm glow of it all.

My children reminded me that they are huddling under multiple blankets at home, because our furnace is broken and the part is on order. Oops, sorry kids. I however, am still in the warm glow of their love, as they once again sent us off joyfully to have our weekend alone.

I hope you, my reader, are surrounded by love in your life. If not, I hope you'll find a warm spot to huddle up next to, and nurture your soul with people who love you. Perhaps that may even be in the words of a gifted writer. I've been enjoying the writings of George MacDonald lately as he ruminates about the intimate and real love of our heavenly Father. Perhaps you are the spark of love for others as well.

Go and warm your world!