Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Scat Post

I'm so easily distracted.

In the past hour, after completing my first week's lesson on Futurelearn, an online course that I'm taking on composing a musical score, I've looked up master's degree programs, taken an aptitude test, (it said I should be in an artistic position, thank you) which led to interest in Music Therapy jobs (I was just curious) and then Drum Circles for health, (I planned an entire drumming party for my students in my head) which website then led to drum notation. At this point I realized the folly of my ways.

There are literally dozens of things waiting in line for me to accomplish, and I'm a blubbering internet slave, dazzled by whatever is put before me. I could have had a hundred pages of The Lord of the Rings read by now, and any number of household projects. I sat, blankly staring up at the universe of google before me and wondered, 'What was that burning question I needed an answer to??'

My blog!! I realized about ten minutes ago. I could have been blogging !!!!!

During the writing of the above, I also thought about the dishes, and I'm not getting up to check and see what I've left behind in the wake of frying egg rolls for dinner.

I was supposed to go to the mall with my daughter tonight, but I guess that's out as I've been in webland all evening. Although I have a fuzzy blanket wrapped around my shoulders, my toes are literally ice cubes, but do I stop? No, I continue on bleary eyed and determined. If I'm going to sit at a monitor and keyboard for two solid hours, I will have a blogpost to show for it, by golly.

So here you are, sweet patient readers.