Monday, January 13, 2014

Downton Abbey Reflections - Goodbye O'Brien, Among Other Things

Did anyone else want to see O'Brien's face one more time before she took off?

If you ask me, Thomas isn't the same without her. She provided a stiff and strong figure whose absence makes a hole in the staff. No one else seems able to fill the gap. She had the kind of waspish personality we love to hate. I can't seem to dislike Edna enough to let her take that place. Not even when she laughs in cahoots with Thomas (Barrow, if you will).

I don't want to be misunderstood. Julian Fellowes is a master story crafter and I'm still enjoying the series. I even cried over Matthew all over again. But the abruptness of the lady's maid's departure was a low point that only took away from the story rather than enhance it.

Are we sure Branson (Tom) can't find a way to fit in? They all certainly need him. Let's hope he sticks around. There's been far too much leaving.

Moving on to the shocking conclusion of last night's episode, I wonder if my daughter's gut feeling of wariness about Bates (which I don't share) could be right. For Anna's sake, we all hope not.

Favorite quote of the season so far:

"There are all kinds of mothers." - says Granny to Mary. Indeed. And all kinds of sons and daughters. Thank goodness. We aren't all Edith.