Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Miraculous Day

What is every day, if not a miracle? 

The act of breathing, of moving, of communicating and working with others is nothing short of miraculous. 

These everyday acts are simply the beginning.

Then there are the pysiological events we are witness to, the many cellular functions that facilitate the healing of a scratch, getting over a cold, replacing old hairs that fall out of our head, the growing of new skin cells each hour. And on a larger scale within society there is the navigating through traffic, with most everyone paying attention to the law, so that we get from one place to another in our multi-ton vehicles  and arrive safely at our destination in one peice. There is the societal organization we have instituted of our own free will that holds each one of us responsible for our own actions, and ensures the contiuation of that society. 

From the birth of a child to the wisdom of old age, and the renewal of the generations, the pattern of life is often so familiar that we can easily move through our lives without the wonder that should accompany such grandeur.

There is the current of time, that rhythm of seasons and days that keep us from either boredom or chaos, constantly replacing the old with the fresh and new. There is the renewal of love and friendship as we grow with one another, giving to and forgiving repeatedly those we choose to love. Perhaps most miraculous are the moments in time when love overcomes those posers, fear and hate, and triumphs as it ultimately will. 

The entire Universe is a miracle, as the earth's solar system, within the galaxies, all works as a whole yet contains such diversity that even still we have not been able to begin to plumb its depth. We are the crowning glory of creation, as our Creator made us in His image. We are like Him, and in Him we live, move and are. 

Sometimes I forget who I am. At such times the daily miracles of life are covered in fear, doubt, worry and a sludge of negativity. But just because I don't see them does not at all mean they are not real. This January, as the earth itself reminds me that the old must go to make room for the new, I'm renewing my mind again. I'm climbing out of the dead leaves of yesterday and growing more steadily into the knowlege and wonder of who I am. 

You can too.