Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Vote

1) American women have had the vote for a scant ninety two years, and American men have been voting for two hundred thirty six years. Has the world become a better place since then? Why bother now?

2) If you vote, you may actually have to take responsibility for what happens next. Don't we hire professionals to so that?

3) The time it takes to get registered, to research the facts, to find out where your polling place is located can be better spent elsewhere.You are a very busy American.

4) The candidates aren't perfect. If you believe everything each one says about the other, neither one should be running.

5) The electoral college holds all the power anyway. Who says an individual vote means anything? After all, when did one person ever make a difference in history?

The deadline to register is October 22. Just in case.