Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dinner at the Magician's House

What was going to be a routine Friday evening at home turned into a very special evening with two new friends.

In the interest of everyone's privacy, I won't give out details, but after being invited to a home for a special treatment for Jim's bum foot, we ended up staying way past and through dinnertime, at our host's insistence,  and had such a lovely time that I can only describe it as magical!

We enjoyed a fine meal, great music and conversation with our new friends, who treated us royally, and laughed along with us at the hilarity of life.

You never know when an ordinary day may turn into something very special. Thanks, guys!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gift Shopping

I haven't done any holiday gift shopping yet. Is that weird?

Not that I wouldn't love to, but I just haven't.

But then, by this time 2000 years ago, Mary hadn't done hers, either. It didn't affect the outcome.

Am I a Grinch? Far from it.

Am I stingy? I certainly hope not. If it was within my power, all my family and friends would have all of their heart's desire under the tree. Or at least as many of them as it would be healthy to give them. I love giving gifts!

Life has not afforded me the privilege of giving materially as I would like. And this changes me as a person. Every year.

Most years I manage to feel reasonably satisfied with what I have given. But there is always the suspense, the wondering...will I be able to give this year? Sometimes I imagine Mary in rapt wonder at the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh given (for her delight as well, I'm convinced) to her son, knowing that she and Joseph could never have provided such lavish gifts.

Yes, I've tried the 'save all year for a Christmas fund'. This year the Christmas fund was liquidated to help pay a large bill in the summertime. There are reasons for this, and I fear even explaining them would make you jump to the erroneous conclusion that God has not provided for us.  I'm just saying that no matter what, every year is a wrapped, unknown present for me. I never 'sit all the way down' until the end you might say. I struggle with being content with my present ability to give. I always long to give loads more!

The things I'm learning through this are hard-won, but priceless. Dependency on God, humility, the ability to see beyond the tinsel, and cheesy red and green gimmicks. For all it's changed me, I'm certain God isn't finished with me, but it hasn't been easy. Who said life would be?

Perhaps, someday, things will be different. But, for now, I must receive the gift I've been given.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tom is In the Fridge

Yes, the bird is lying in state at the proper temperature.

The dough for the rolls lies near.

The potatoes are snug in their bag, not knowing the horrendous fate that awaits them.

The green beans are cylindrically challenged, and along with the french fried onions, the corn, cranberry sauce and yams repeat the theme. Soon, they will take their place as part of the supporting cast.

Pie crust, folded now, will unfold to bear pumpkin and pecans. Marshmallows and cool whip are in the wings. 

Around the table, not yet set,  are the chairs which will hold the extra weight put upon them in just three short days. And we trust they will hold us.

The question is:

Are we thankful enough to deserve such a feast?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still Counting Blessings

To my dear women friends who have a husband who loves them just the way they are,

We are blessed!

Even on our fattest, ugliest, worst-hair-days, they see us as beautiful. They still want to touch us, and they accept us even on the days when we feel our least attractive. We must  accept and cherish this with our whole heart. We must live in the moment. There is no other moment to claim. We have been given a tiny glimpse of our Heavenly Father's limitless love for us. Our husbands are His instrument.

To my dear women friends who don't have a husband who loves them, or are single,

I can feel your pain, and yet, you are blessed. To you is given the rare and wonderful opportunity of crying out to the One who said "I will be a husband to you." The one who has invited you to His marriage supper, and loves you beyond human imagination.Your lack of a loving husband is His instrument too. He works all things for our ultimate good.

In whatever situation you find yourselves, if you look for God's blessings, you will find them. Go treasure hunting today for yours. And then let me know what you find. I'd love to hear from you.