Monday, September 20, 2010

An Orange Bracelet

A beautiful and wonderful thing.

E. Nesbit says, "Beautiful and wonderful things do happen, and we live all our lives in the hope of them.

My husband and I enjoyed a lovely evening at the Modesto Symphony's Picnic at the Pops, on the Gallo Winery grounds. We were hosted by our oldest friends in Modesto. This is no commentary on their age, only on how long we have known them!

It was a delightful treat to be with friends, some new, some old, and enjoy live music from 'our' era. Usually we are making music for other people, so this was indeed a treat!

I saved the orange bracelet they gave us and wrapped it around the steering wheel of my car, because I didn't want to forget that 'beautiful and wonderful things' do happen to me and I don't want to forget them, especially when those beautiful and wonderful things are not happening. Perhaps the opposite. Those happen too.

When something beautiful and wonderful happens to you, how do you remind yourself of it?
When was the last time you did something beautiful and wonderful for someone else?
It's our turn now!

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