Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ten Word Novels

I've been having fun writing ten word novels. Here are some of the ones I entered on ChickLitShorties. I made it as a finalist! Enjoy! Try a few of your own!

I know you love me but I love him. Oops! 

Money meets looks.]Brains trump charm. Plot thickens.Love wins.

He sneaks. She peeks. She sneaks. He peeks. Game over.

He sings, she sings, neither hear. Curtain falls. Sequel coming.

If wishes were pennies, this story’d be worth a million.

Message in a bottle: It’s cozy in here. Join me.

Cat meets dog. Fur flies. Adjustments made. Bird was delicious.

Lost my job
Lost the house
Lost my wife

His turn: sex
Her turn: power
They turn: sour

The only reason you should read this is to discover…

What you don’t know won’t hurt so I won’t tell!

History of Flirting: Write, Call, Fax, Page, E-mail, Text, Twitter

Cinder maid, made to stay, slipper found, got it made.

Page turning times ten equals all you need to finish.

If only life could be as lovely as this story.

I think I can, they think I can’t, I did.

Girl meets boy, says no, regrets, says yes, I do.

Wanted:  one romantic tragedy with a happy ending. Apply within.

She came, she ate, she prayed, she loved, she conquered.

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