Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amy Inspired Inspires

Amy Gallagher is a writer with whom many can instantly identify. She grew up in a ‘broken’ Christian home, no longer the oxymoron it was once considered.  Her struggle to find forgiveness, acceptance and love winds along the path she has embraced, a path of words. Eli, a semi homeless young man with a very sad past, is an artist of unknown potential. As he comes to stay with Amy at the insistence of her typically trendy friend Zoe, the subtle weaving of his art with her words is chastely seductive and beautiful. 

Bethany Pierce manages to gracefully straddle the fence of reality on which many postmodern Christians find themselves uncomfortably perched. Her story contains real people with real problems including a Christian who finds herself verbalizing what she ‘means to say’ instead of the tired old evangelical ‘magic words’ of witnessing. Peppered with the reality of self-mutilation, divorce, alcoholism and death, the romance emerges beautifully, and is made even more poignant by virtue of the flaws of its characters, yet woven into the story is the unmistakable thread of faith. 

I applaud the courage of Bethany House to publish fiction of this depth. I eagerly expect to read more from Ms. Pierce.
A complimentary copy of Amy Inspired was given to me by Bethany House in return for my honest opinion of the book.

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