Thursday, January 27, 2011

Writing Uphill

Writing is easy. Well, at least that sentence was.

But I've never felt as uphill as I do now, writing the play that is to be performed for the first time this spring by my drama class. I've been studying form, structure, plot, inciting incidents, curtain lines, and length guidelines. Writing, editing, and rewriting.

So to clear my head, I went out for a mild jog with my daughter. It was the equivalent of what the bunny hill is to the skier. But exhilarating nonetheless, heart pounding, and skin tingling. Perhaps I'm a little out of shape??? And right in the middle of our walk, unexpectedly, it came. The climax of the event. My dog pulled herself off the leash and ran up to a very tall fence where a very vicious looking lab was heads up almost over the fence.

Then, my heart pounded faster. My perspiration rate accelerated. We reprimanded, we grabbed her leash again and walked on. And finally, without further incident, we resumed our walk.

And that's the experience I want our audience to have.

So, it's back to the keys...I'm gonna make you sweat!!!

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