Monday, February 7, 2011

Find a Way To Win

ESPN's interview with Jarrett Bush, cornerback for the Packer's after the arguably 'surprising' win on Sunday left me with a phrase he repeated several times. We had to "find a way to win." And win they did.

That kind of drive and dedication, though concentrated into a four hour ordeal in front of the entire world is a result of many more hours of training when no one was watching, no one was cheering, and no one knew if they would win or not.

If winning matters to you, and there is all kinds of winning, then both the steady attention to everyday detail, and the last rush of oomph when the pressure's on are what makes the difference. Sometimes I find that I don't win, because I don't care enough to do what it takes. But, after watching the game for the first time in my life, I must admit, I want to win.

The details may be different for you, but join me? Let's find a way to win!

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