Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Holy Spirit

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone were totally surrendered to the Holy Spirit? The thought is almost as scary and wierd as total apocalypse, minus the violence, of course.

I mean, what would God ask of us, and what would He be free to do among us if we said yes and really meant it?

My pastor's talk from Acts last night prompted me,with my stoic, proper Protestant background to say, "Yes, Lord" to whatever. I had to add in that I wasn't necessarily trusting in the Pentecostal version of things, but I certainly do trust God. If there's something He wants for me, I don't ever want to say no. I think He knew that still meant yes.

And in addition to the gifts of the Spirit, such as healing, tongues, prophecies, etc. I couldn't help thinking of the fruit of the Spirit, ie love, joy, peace...

We hold back from getting love, joy and peace? Are we crazy?

Well, no, just scared.

After all, Apocalypse is easier to visualize, don't you think?

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