Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Writing the Perfect Book: A Bridge

At the beginning, the hero is not yet on the scene, but only exists in the mind of the reader, suggested by the urgency of the entire plot.

The heroine is the perfect touch of helplessness and womanly strength and beauty. She embodies the hopes and fears of women everywhere.

The setting is a stellar combination of your finest dreams haunted by your worst nightmare. It is both a place you have been and a place you hope you never have to see, a bridge between your life and your imagination.

The pace is leisurely when you are enchanted, but galloping when the suspense is ratcheted up.

When the hero arrives, he is everything you want him to be. Vulnerable, totally capable, and in the nick of time.

The ending comes far too soon.

The lingering taste in the palate is satisfaction, with a mouth-watering thirst for more.

Insert  description, characters and dialogue here.

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