Sunday, May 15, 2011

From the Library of AW Tozer is Meaty Feast

A seven-course meal where every course held a juicy steak would not be as rich a feast as this book which compiles selections from the extensive library of renown theologian, AW Tozer.

From French mystic Madame Guyon, declared heretical by the church, to practical American evangelist Dwight L Moody, this collection pares Catholic and Protestant writings side by side in relative harmony, although the flavor of each is apparent. Plan on reading this in several well-space settings, as it is heavy reading. Organized in such categories as Prayer and Contemplation and Our Counselor: the Holy Spirit, the book can be read devotionally as well as informatively.

I loved it, but I must confess I found it very weighty reading. An excellent resource for the serious Christian's library.

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