Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Growing Up American Part 3

It's been said that there's no greater blessing than having a happy childhood.

I truly did have a happy, innocent and relatively carefree childhood.  The world I grew up in cannot be recreated for my children.

But would I really want that?

Some days, yes. When the TV commercials assault my sensitivities and I hear profanity in public. When I pump gas for over four dollars a gallon.

Other times I am exhilarated at the time we live in. I revel in the web, cell phones and personal grooming products that make my life more like royalty than any other woman enjoyed in the past millinia.

But, we get what we get, and don't throw a fit. Or so I try to do.

No birth is an accident. I was placed on earth in 1958 and allowed to live to 2011 for such a time as this. So were you, no matter the date of your birth.

May we use our time wisely.

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