Monday, August 29, 2011

School Starts

I kissed my college student good-bye this morning as she trekked off to junior college. She still lives at home, as do my three other daughters. I don't even have the tiniest idea of what an empty nest is like.  It's just as well. I'm not nearly ready.

While many of my friends are dropping off kids far away, I am putting the dishes into the dishwasher from my little birdie's early morning breakfast. and dropping off PE clothes for the high school student. Alas, I am still indispensable.

My time will come. But I am not quite ready.

So for now, I look forward to more laundry than is physically possible for my heavy-duty washing machine to handle, more beauty products in the bathroom than Sephora stores in it's warehouse, and a schedule that would give Martha Stewart a faint heart.

I have not become a famous author. I have not wowed crowds with my piano playing. I have not been asked to speak at any large gatherings. I have a modest amount of friends. I don't even have much of a bank account. (big surprise)

But. I am the mother of four of the most delightful children on the planet. They are my claim to fame!

Still. One is glad when September rolls around!!!

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