Saturday, March 24, 2012

Silver and Gold

I spent the other weekend with an old friend. We talked about memories we'd had together and exchanged stories about how our kids were doing. We shared a meal and one of our favorite pastimes, going to a live play. We discussed everything from the weather to the afterlife. We encouraged each others creative interests and learned a few new things from each other. We discovered that our friendship was the kind that could pick up right where it had left off, and feel as good as new. It was a timeless memory. We promised, and planned to meet again! Even though this friend no longer lives close, I know we will!

I was invited to a library fundraiser the other day. The mayor hosted it, and my hubby played the  piano for the evening. I did the usual search for familiar faces, and not wanting to dog the mayor and his wife, I sat down by myself since I didn't recognize anyone. (Ever the introvert!)
A few minutes later a couple bounced over to my table and asked, "Are you alone? May we join you?" Two more lovely people could not have joined me! They were an educator and a nurse, knew more than five languages between them, and had been to every continent in the world. And the stories! I feel as if I took a trip around the world with them! The husband had been in the service, and they had met while he was in New York, and she was on her way to Hong Kong.Their community service work for Modesto with the Sister cities organization was impressive, and I found we even had a mutual friend or two in the arts.

Over one hundred bottles of wine were parceled out, a speech was made, delicious food was served, but I had a feast at my table that is timeless. Two new friends!

Make new friends, but keep the old. These are silver, those are gold.
I treasure both!

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