Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Real Oldest Profession

I suppose it's customary on Mother's Day to wax eloquent about motherhood in general and one's mother specifically. While I could do that, instead I'd like to speak as a mother about the privilege of being a mother.

Guys, I know you may not be able to imagine how carrying and birthing a live specimen of humanity with all the ensuing inconvenience and excruciating pain could be a privilege, but it is. For many reasons.

The first of these is simply that we are forced to ignore the dark hole of self-absorption, into which we all fall sometimes. Being responsible for someone else takes us out of ourselves. This may seem like another inconvenience, but then, have you spent a few minutes, hours, or even days in self-absorption? How fun was it, really? I do have sympathy for those who have not had the job joy of parenting!

Another reason motherhood is a privilege is that it gives us an opportunity to truly appreciate our own mothers. It takes a bit of maturity to do that. Often I've felt  that God gives us children not just to raise them, but to help us grow up. 

The the third reason I consider motherhood a privilege is that it enters us into the eternal cycle of life and  gives us the chance to be a living part of history, especially when you contemplate the possibility of grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and great, great, great...well, you see what I mean.

I have had the great heritage of having a mother who I love, admire and respect almost beyond imagination. I know not everyone does. Still, the role of mother is one that most women revere and strive for.  I contend that it is truly the oldest and most respectable profession. Without pay, but certainly not without rewards.

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