Thursday, July 12, 2012

Selling Water Rights: What Do You Think?

I heard the arguments against the proposed MID water sale yesterday. They are compelling, that is after I processed a few new terms such as acre-feet, ditch tender, and aquifers. I'm definitely more informed, but the most glaring take-away is the rampant ignorance and  apathy among the community (yours truly included) regarding such crucial issues. A fifty year contract is being negotiated for our water rights in the valley, and hardly anyone knows, or cares.We tend to "leave it to the professionals".

So my encouragement to you is to do some research, check out what's happening with MID and the current issue. Check out this and other articles in the Bee, attend a public meeting of the issue (if there will be any more - I suspect there will) and weigh in on the issue. Water is our valley's most valuable resource. It will matter in the future more than we know. We owe it to our community and our children and grandchildren to GET INFORMED.

As a visiting editor for the Modesto Bee this quarter, I hope to beef up my knowledge on this crucial subject, including hearing from the folks at MID, and write some more on this issue. I welcome your input.

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