Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That Faraway Look

I may have that faraway look in my eyes this week, with a little more than my usual artistic delirium.
If so, it's because my mind has been all over the globe.
I just said good-bye to my German friend who visited for the summer. We discussed world events with the fervor of two people who really care. One more educated than the other. She bests me for sure!
Meanwhile, my brother-in-law has been giving me updates on his whirlwind trip to Europe, complete with fb pics from his son, my nephew.
While he's in Europe, my sister-in-law, his wife is struggling with a broken water heater, which presented itself after she and her son (my other nephew) visited here and went home so that they could send him off to Culinary College in New York.
Another sister-in-law, from Michigan has been giving me a blow-by-blow of her life, including sending a child off to Chicago (to start for Wheaton's girl's soccer, if I may brag a bit) and her husband's struggles with a nasty legal suit brought wrongfully against him.
And just four days ago, we drove my daughter down to SoCal to begin a year of college for the first time on her own! I've been receiving little bits of info on how much she loves it!
So. Pardon me while my computer brain defrags...and thanks for listening as well.

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