Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Unexpected Card Expiration

I got behind in my regular trips to the library the other day, (I know -  shocking in and of itself) and when I went online to renew my now overdue books (not so shocking at all) the website told me my card had expired. Due to the fact that formerly I had my card for 13 years without having to renew, I was shocked.

Thankfully, the helpful resource person who picked up when I called told me that your card comes up for renewal every three years now. She renewed my card over the phone.

I am now breathing freely, and as a courtesy, she took off the fines that had accrued, making the Stanislaus Library once again, on my top list of places to go!


Emmy said...

Hmm, I wonder if mine is expired now too. Not that it quite matters anymore ;)

That's nice that she took care of those fines.

But I do quite love that my mother's large fines are usually accumulated in the library.

Amy Maris said...

In a few years I will own all the books in the library, having paid for them with my fines. If only.