Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Dream House

All my adult life, I've had a recurring dream. Although the visual details change with each dream, the main theme is the same.

I am in my house. I know it is my house because it is familiar and welcoming, and I feel at home. I walk through the rooms, and discover hidden passages, closets and rooms that are stuffed with lots of things. Sometimes it is doubles of new appliances, or old antique furniture. Sometimes clothing and books. Each time it is more 'stuff' than I would ever need and I am amazed at the things I 'forgot I had'.

The houses are either the one I currently live in, but it has been expanded, or one I have just recently moved into.   The dream always leaves me feeling like a wealthy woman with lots of resources. Even our garage of wonder, which I have dubbed the car-space-turned-storage area where I 'wonder' if I can ever find anything, contains far less than the collections I see in my dreams.

My husband and I have been homeowners for over 22 years. The latest dream came the night after we had made our final trial payment to make our current house modified to make our mortgage more affordable. It was an 11th hour miracle that we made it on time, and I am so grateful for my real house as it has been provided by God for the last 13 years.

I've looked up the usual sources on dream interpretation. I think that maybe, just maybe, in my soul I know that this world could not ever contain all that I truly want and need, and that my dream house is a shadowy hint of that other world that I believe exists after this life.

I also know that in my life, as well as yours, lies great unmined and undiscovered treasure, resources that we have not not been able to 'see' or 'feel'. They are often found at unexpected times and in surprising places. If you are aware, you will begin to appreciate them. 

Perhaps it is the utter amazement of learning that you can do something you thought you never could, when pressed by difficult circumstances. Often it is the realization that your true treasure is the people in your life who love you and that you love. Sometimes it is the pure and unadulterated joy in just being alive, which, except in moments of great clarity, I take so blithely for granted.

I am grateful for the messengers of my subconscious, these fleeting reminders that I have so much to be thankful for, and so much to look forward to!

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