Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Live an Exciting Life

The mind of an author is an imaginative place.

In the past week (in my mind) I have:

Narrowly escaped an actual accident  in which a car overturned, while taking my daughter to school.
Finished my laundry.
Saved the presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney by reminding him to be on Twitter more.
Become a youtube sensation after singing at my friend's request while she recorded it on her Ipad.
Embarrassed myself by singing at my friend's request on her Ipad.
Crashed our rental car.
Re-landscaped my yard.
Scarred my daughter for life by not coming to hear her sing at her debut coffee shop gig.
Completely redecorated  the house of my dreams.
Gone on a cruise with my husband.
Been the author of a historical fiction romance set in old Columbia, California under the pen name of Louise Lamour.
Had a child at 54. It was a boy.
Got another 200 followers for my blog overnight by posting this.

It's a tough world out there. Hang on to your dreams - at least the good ones!


Emmy said...

I freaked out because at first I thought this was a list of things that DID happen. Needless to say, I almost called you.

Amy Maris said...

Ha, ha! Just playin' with words!