Sunday, October 14, 2012

What I Wish the Church Would Change Part I

This is part one of a three part gentle rant regarding the wish list I have for a more perfect church. I am not speaking of a particular church, but rather the church in general as I have observed it.

What if there weren't seats in rows, so that you didn't have to spend the service staring at the back of someone's head? What if the place you went to worship looked like one big living room, with casual seating and a coffee bar? What if the time was spent, rather than one person doing the talking lecture-style, in groups discussing relevant issues in the light of God's truth? What if when you went as a newb, you didn't feel like you just walked in as a delivery person on 'The Office' but rather the people in charge facilitated everyone getting acquainted in a non-threatening way? What if you didn't get the impression that everyone else has  money, power and spirituality? What if, instead, the first impression you had was one of humility and selflessness? What if, when you walked in, the overwhelming feeling was one of belonging, instead of trying to feel like you fit in somewhere?

I sometimes feel like the modern church is a club that not everyone is welcome to join.

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