Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's the Point Anyway?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus spent more time healing people and talking to them about how to act towards each other and never once laid out the 'Plan of Salvation' or the 'Four Spiritual Laws', or the 'Romans Road'?

He seemed to meet felt needs, but then again, not always. He didn't help everyone. Not by a long shot.There must have been people he turned away.Sometimes he just told stories, or knocked down tables, or got in a boat and helped people catch fish.

He didn't hold meetings where you had to 'raise your hand' or 'come forward' or 'make a decision'.

Where have we gone wrong? Are we really His followers?

I'm not trying to blow our mind, just disturb it a little.

What's the point anyway?

I'd welcome your comments.


Rylie said...

I agree..I've been saying this forever: our plans don't always look like His plans..I'm thinking that if put back into time, a lot of well meaning Christians might have told Him things like,"Really? Only 3 years?" and "Why didn't you go to all the countries?" and "Why didn't you wait for the age of global communication?" Its hard to admit that His ways and ideas are PERFECT; our limited imaginations notwithstanding.

Amy Maris said...

Rylie, Yes, you're right. We (I) have a tendency to think I know best.
As if...!