Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving Change

It is the day before "the big meal". Our turkey has  been thawing for six days now. 
The past two years have been quite different. I honestly didn't know if we would have a thanksgiving dinner or not, due to very tight finances. We were in the kind of "borrow from Peter to pay Paul" sort of predicament. The kind where you have to get a check to the bank, but you aren't sure you have enough gas to get there, and you need the check for gas ? The kind where you start counting change on your dresser to buy milk. And those were the "good days" where there actually was a check to cash and change on the dresser. 
Never again will I take a turkey dinner for granted. Well, I probably will, but I shouldn't! I should be the thankfullest of all. And I am.

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