Tuesday, December 17, 2013


 I awoke from a dream where I was holding a baby and that 'milky new baby' smell almost palpable in my nostrils. 
It has been seventeen years since I smelled that particular wonderful earthy smell. But it felt like minutes ago. I relished the warmth and beauty of the feelings of love for my children that it evoked.
I wondered and even dared to ask, "God, why did you remind me of that smell?"
I dared again to hear, "That is what you smell like to me."
The image of a God as a nursing mother is found in scripture, although you'd have to dig for it. It is not a common metaphor.
You can read about it here, in Isaiah 49:15.
While I go about the business of celebrating His miraculous birth, I'm going to relax in His arms today.
How about you?

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