Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Mother Only a Son Could Forgive

When Philip Oglesby's mother is in the room, the tone is unmistakably, well, not motherly. She has a demeanor that dominates by insulting decency itself. This is precisely why he did not really want to visit her on Mother's Day. 

But, in fact, he did. And that visit rewarded him with a trip to jail for being an accessory to Williemaye Oglesby's armed robbery of a church. But that's not the most insane outcome of the story that Vincent crafts from the sardonic tale of lost childhood, neglect, and dysfunction that runs so deep you can cut it with a knife. Amid the backdrop of the American south, complete with comfort food, nepotistic law enforcement, and what would be a comedy of errors but for the sobering fact that Vincent just might know about this firsthand, we are treated to a backdoor peep into rural America. But the most remarkable element of the story is the choice that Philip Ogelsby makes after the chaotic and  criminal way he has been treated by the woman who should have protected him, proving once again that evil can be overcome with good. 

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