Friday, October 17, 2014

A Day in the Life

It was an unbelievable shopping trip. I started at Macy's designer clothing section and chose my favorite outfits. Then I picked up a couple bottles of cologne and some new cosmetics. I outfitted my linen closet with fresh towels and sheets, and tossed in a chic new loveseat (delivered next week) for my family room.

Turning right outside Macy's I picked up the diamond ring at Kay's I'd been drooling over, and then I stopped at the Shoebox and grabbed a pair of walking shoes, some sensible flats, and a pair of snappy dress shoes.

Then I snatched up a bag full of body lotions and room fresheners at Bath and Body, and swooped into Cinnabon for a dozen cinnamon rolls to go for breakfast the next morning.

The cost? Nothing. 

It happened in my imagination. 

And it got me thinking. 

What if this was my life? Would a shopping trip like this be exciting if I could do it whenever I want? Or is it exciting because I can't?

I got to thinking about God, and why He often parcels out blessings a little at a time. Think manna from heaven, and how it came each day. The Israelites couldn't stash it in their coolers or dry it for using next week. Some tried, but it didn't work. They really didn't know if the manna would come every morning, though that is exactly what did happen. 

I have been struggling through the expense of my daughter's wedding. I have no available savings and bit by bit, almost daily, things have been taken care of, sometimes in ways I could not have imagined. I do not know if it will all be provided for. I trust and hope so, but I have no special claim on God's provision. After all, innocent people are being beheaded, dying of cancer, contracting Ebola and a myriad of other catastrophes befall mankind perpetually. 

I also thought about how God, who is timeless, could have gifted us with our life all at once, as He experiences reality, but instead He gave us the gift of life in the day-tight compartments we all sometimes take for granted. Apparently one day at a time is the best way.

After I had glutted my imagination with a dream shopping trip, I had a sudden thought. 'I should get something for my husband.' Not once had I thought of shopping for anyone but myself. Well, I may have shared the cinnamon rolls. And even now it was guilt not pure altruism that brought me to think of him. I'd rather not share this with you, but I suspect I am not totally alone.

His mercies are new every morning. It's a good thing. I'll be needing a fresh supply each day.


Anonymous said...

Amy, thanks for sharing eloquently what has often been on my mind and heart over the last few years. It's a matter of God growing our faith through reliance on him for all we are, and all we need each day. In my faithless human existence, I have always wanted it all up front, a comfortable lifestyle, self made, self earned creature comforts that in fact would have promoted self reliance, and not a deeper walk with my Father. This was not what my Father chose for me. Instead, He chose an often difficult path of redirection for a stubborn kind of guy that needed to understand His love through getting my eyes off me and on Him. Has he always met my needs? Oh yes ... and then some. I have finally started to understand that life is short, and reliance on Him is what it's all about. I am satisfied with what Gods' " BEST " is for me. Faith .... a difficult journey, even for us " PK's " You'd think it would come more naturally ......right? Stan

Amy Maris said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Since
i switched to Ipad I have been missing the comments, so i didn't mean to ignore you!