Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sweet and Sassy Book is a Trip to Florida Panhandle

Blogger's note: 
An author's journey often leads through dark and stormy nights. Blessed is that author when he or she can huddle together with other like-minded artists who can help to hold each other up through the soul-searching business of scrawling a bit of your own journey onto each page.  Ron and I connected at one of those times. Without giving away his story or mine, I can tell you that reading his book is like a cool refreshing dip in a river after a blistering hot day, or like warming up to a cozy fireside after braving a blizzard. Satire is his forte, and a forte that has been tested in deep waters, making it almost a form of preaching. It's without hesitation that I recommend this second book in his series, Wedding Day.
It’s not often that a book captures the flavor and feel of a very specific part of the country, but Ron Vincent’s sweet and sassy little tale does just that, with a side of southern cooking. In dialogue and between each line Bryan Flynn gives us a window into life in the Florida Panhandle.

Part lazy fisherman, part typical bachelor, our intrepid, reluctant, limo-drivin’ hero actually hears voices, well one Voice at least, and gets himself in a heap of trouble when he feels compelled to share with his clients what he’s heard. We follow him eating his way through every mouthwatering dish any southerner would be proud to serve, getting himself banged up in an accident, and nearly destroying and then saving the limo company from a lawsuit. Still he remains modest enough to refuse the gift the Voice insists belongs to him, at least as long as possible.

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