Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Empowering Book on Fear

How To Live in Fear is a book for anyone who has ever had or heard of panic attacks.

Lance Hahn has panic attacks. Sometimes they happen when he’s giving a sermon at his church. That doesn’t stop him. This amazing little book is the story of how he handles living with anxiety and the amazing hope that he brings to that story. As the mother of children who have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks I have often wondered at the lack of support and understanding that I found first in myself and then in the church at large. This book bridges the gap between real people and common Christian ideology about emotional disorders.

He explores topics such as the pros and cons of medication, how lifestyle changes can help, and how he handles his personal nightmare. There is a fair amount of wisdom from the Bible too, although he manages to bring this to the table without any pat answers or oversimplification. I am amazed at his resiliency, humanity and his compassion for others who deal with panic and anxiety.

This is a book for those who suffer, and for those who have loved ones who suffer.

I have been given a free copy of this book from Bethany House in return for my honest opinion.

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