Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Piano Diaries: PART III

At the moment I am awaiting the delivery of a nine foot Yamaha grand to my newly painted and carpeted living room. Hubby and I prepared the room with the anxious fervor of new parents preparing a nursery.
I hardly know how to describe my emotions, other than, "ecstatic!"
Or maybe "terrified!" At the thought of moving that large an instrument, even though we've hired professionals. 
This is in actuality not our piano, but we are storing it for our church. 
This is a trust we feel honored to have bestowed on us. And as much as we'd wanted to enjoy a piano like this in our home, it is a bigger responsibility than I could have anticipated. 
The large sounding board gives this piano a rich sound unlike many pianos I've played, and I'm humbled at the opportunity to try to play in a manner that's worthy of its capacity. 
I'm working on a name for her. 
Will keep you posted. 

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