Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Review: Beyond Opinion

Beyond Opinion; Living the Faith We Defend by Ravi Zacharias
Best described as a themed anthology, the work includes topics by 11 apologists of our century who in turn draw upon the time-honored thoughts and writings of apologists such as Augustine, GK Chesterton and CS Lewis.
The chapters contain some redundancy; still, the result is not the dry crackled stuff of doctrine, but rather a living testimony of the work of God alive in real people, some former atheists themselves. It also explores the beliefs of the Eastern religions, Islam and special problems of youth culture.
It could have benefitted from a broader scope of writers, as all but two are connected with Dr. Zaharias’s RZIM Ministry.  However, the thoughts and philosophies explored help one to feel a door has been opened on the discussion between Theist and Atheist. Such a door has in the past been limited to a pinhole of understanding, and clouded by the fact that most Christians were unable to form a passable argument. This book turns the tables and masterfully creates the Christian argument with gently loving logic, that is more woo than woe.
As a child who grew up in a postmodern, evangelical, American household with a Bible College education, I slurped this book up like porridge on a cold morning.
Thomas Nelson Publishers has provided my copy of this book in return for my honest opinion of it.

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