Thursday, July 22, 2010

Learning to integrate web and blog

I am,  or by extension, my tech-savvy hubby and I are, endeavoring to transform my blog/website into the glorious creation I envision it to be. Embedding a blog into a website is eluding us for the moment...Thanks for bearing with us. My daughter even tried her very capable hand and we are still at "a blog link at the top of a website". Does anyone else have this problem? Of course I could hire a company...

I will be reviewing books here in the future as well as ruminating on life, as usual.

The summer rolls on and so much of what we do is centered on a different mindset in this season. CS Lewis said someday "summer will come true". I understand just what he meant, as I am a summer lover. Rampant, raging sunlight, and the possibility of doing all those childish things we all pretend we don't need to do anymore, like eating outside, and wishing on the first evening star.

Still, after July 4th, it all unravels pretty fast. so here's to holding tight to the ball of yarn called summer and keeping every last moment! In California, we even pretend summer extends to beyond the first day of school, does. So get out there and have an ice cream cone, get a sunburn, and take time to sit under the indigo sky. It rarely gets better than summer!

Please feel free to drop any recipes or summer ideas that you may be entertaining. I welcome the feedback. Twitter is my communication of choice. ( Hope to see you here or there!


Lana said...

I'll fully enjoy my summer as soon as I get back home. I realized I didn't hug you goodnight :( So Hugs!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday mom :) Our summer is always special because we are the only two that get to have a birthday in that season. One of the many things we share in common!

Anyway, let's see. My favorite things of summer: Long, cool nights; feeling like you can stay up as late as you want (even though sometimes you can't); the girls being home all day; Ella coming; taking walks at night; lights in the backyard, pool parties, my birthday, your birthday, sewing, cotton nightgowns; Christmas in July (155 days); 4th of July!; fireworks; BBQ's; sleeping on the patio; and I'll end with Back to School Shopping :)

Bookish said...

Totally pegged our summers, the way we like them. You still need to sleep out on the patio with me!!