Monday, August 9, 2010

The Blog's the Thing

In the bard's eerily haunting story of Hamlet, our mourning hero plots to snag the conscience of the king who he believes has murdered his father to seize the throne.He stages a play to dramatize a story in which a king is poisoned. So a not to spoil the outcome, literary experts still debate whether or not he achieved his goal. It certainly wasn't the first time a popular art form was pressed into service to make a point!

Enter: The blog.

According to there are about 144 million blogs. At least that many people (with many more blogs added daily) have something they want to say, and they're saying it!  It is certainly an art form gathering a considerable amount of weight. There are marketing blogs, spiritual blogs, comedic blogs, and the list goes on. People are looking for recognition, following, self-expression, even hoping to warn the general public of certain ills or to promote a cause.

 I'm having such fun blogging! Perhaps we'll all get tired of it, or something else more fascinating will come along, but for now, the blog's the thing.

I'd love to hear from you. Why do you blog?

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