Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Maze

I've just used up 45 minutes trying to launch an application that would enable me to be more comment and discussion friendly on my site, only to find I'd somehow deleted every comment on this blog:-(. 

But, not to worry. I'll continue posting and we will begin again!

Every fall, my daughters take a trip to the biggest corn maze I've ever seen.  Of course they go at night, and getting lost is half (most) of the fun. There are maps made to help you find your way, and several aerial view stations set up so you can look at the whole thing (if you can find the stairs to the platform). It is great fun, and the corn is growing green and tall right this very minute in preparation for this year's maze.

Sometimes the computer and it's marvelous electric 'brain' is like an intricate maze that I make my way through, turning down one path, because it's there and looks good, and then finding it a dead end, or worse, a trap. 

But the process is challenging! For an over 50 Mom who gets lost on the way to the Bart station in Dublin (even though I've been there dozens of times) I'm not ready to quit learning any time soon.

Thanks to you, my reader, I am energized to keep attempting to connect and communicate until absolutely gagged by my own ineptitude.

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