Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full Moon

It's about the hottest its been all summer, a reall winderupper of a California summer, and the moon is fat and beautiful.

What if the moon decided it didn't like the cycle it was on, that the monotony of waxing and waning was just too much, too tedious, and certainly not in the interest of its own creativity. so, it gave up and morphed into a different shape altogether.  The entire ecosystem would be in peril, and so would human life as we know it. Love could no longer be nutured under the full moon, or excuses made for crazy behavior. But the moon would be happy.

Well, that's the feeling I have every morning when its time to make my bed, like all this monotony saps my 'creativity' but then I talk myself out of the feeling and my bed gets made, and life as I know it goes on. And I am a different kind of happy than I would have been if I'd just gone with 'how I felt'.

There really must be a full moon...I'm going outside to look at it and wonder. Then I'll get under the covers of my neatly made bed and give thanks, to myself, and to the one who made the moon wax and wane, regularly, predictably and miraculously.

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