Monday, October 11, 2010

First Off and Other Overused Phrases

When does something become cliche?
Where's the line between 'overused' and saturatedly popular?
When does it go from being cute, and 'in' to being passe?
May I be a teeny bit peevish with my unwanted pets?

By and large. Really? Who started this in the first place? and whoever kept it going?

That being said. So what? You said it. Do you have to say that you said it, after saying it...?*Yawn*

First off. Now this one is a true 'midwesternism' but it's creeping all the way west. The off seems off-putting, somehow, as if we're at the start of a race. It's unnecessary adrenaline.

I'm just sayin 's all..." Must I let go of this? I kind of still like it. Just a few more million times, and I'll hang it up!

Enough said. Okay then.

Suffice it to say. Yup. It's sufficed.

It goes without saying. Mmhmm...

I just had my own little writer's convention bash session. Thanks for joining!

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