Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rough Ride

Review of
William F Buckley
By Jeremy Lott

Lott’s biographical work on William F. Buckley traces his beginnings as a Catholic, and man of faith, and his political work in the founding of the National Review, the publication for which Buckley is most well known. He references his talks on The Firing Line, and draws from many of Buckley’s actual words. 

Fascinated by the man, I was not as drawn in to Mr. Lott’s detailed depiction of his life. I found it ‘tough meat to chew’ as someone who was not familiar with the political figures prominent during Buckley’s heyday. I found the references to chronological events a bit muddled, and hard to follow. While I came to admire Mr. Buckley for his stance as a political dissenter, this book did not really give me a clear picture of Buckley the man. Everything I knew about Buckley before I read the book tended toward the coldly intellectual.  It left me feeling a little dry. But, maybe, that was intended? 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from with the understanding that I would post an honest opinion about the book.

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