Monday, March 14, 2011

My Bucket List...For Now

Hire a weekly maidservice
Go to Italy, France and Germany
Be published and sell copies internationally
Live to be a great=grandmother
Waltz again
Act in a Shakespearean play
Hear Keane in concert
Meet Sir Ken Robinson, Julia Cameron, Ray Bradbury, Jerry Lewis and Martha Stewart
Have my house finished, walls and floors
Get a masters degree in literature
Become debt free
Get my nails done
Work on a BBC film
Have a girl’s weekend with my best friends/daughters
Take Mom to the Shakespeare Fest in Ashland
Go to dinner and a movie complete with popcorn and soda
Visit the Hearst castle
Go to Solvang
See the Getty museum
Review (do anything that gets published) for Wall Street Journal
Pay for a vacation for my mother
Christmas shopping in San Francisco
Cruise the Caribbean
Wear a sequined dress, well
Have all my teeth fixed, while sedated
Drive through Ohio Amish country in late September

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