Monday, April 11, 2011

Smashing Success

What would your life be like if you achieved a smashing success in your professional life? I pondered this on the front side of writing, directing and producing my first play.

The day finally arrived, and despite the usual theater jitters, and a bumble or two on my part, the kids were simply amazing, and I couldn't have been more proud!

In the afterglow of the performance, as I numbly watched a good friend tear up at the joy of my success, I realized that a special moment had arrived for me, and I felt so 'normal' that I had almost let it pass without noticing.
Often we look at celebrities and other people who we view as 'successful' people and imagine their lives to be vamped up somehow and less stressful. Surely that feeling of euphoric success carries them over the normal feelings of inadequacy, and fear of failure that the rest of us unknowns deal with everyday.

Nothing could be further from the truth. All men are created equal.

At the end of the day, the dishes and laundry are still waiting, those difficult personal situations still take more courage, and I am the same person I always was, with the exception of perhaps an even stronger craving for another success.

So go ahead, write that book, produce that album, sell that artwork, start that business. Call me when it all comes together for you, and we'll understand each other.

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