Saturday, April 2, 2011

Windows of Johnny Depp's Soul

I've been a Johnny Depp fan for some time. His performance in The Tourist with Angelina Jolie (another recent favorite of mine after seeing Salt) seemed at first to be disappointing. He played a math teacher from Wisconsin, with a singularly ordinary American accent. The old Johnny Depp presence just wasn't there.  I thought he'd really let me down this time.

I watched about an hour and then fell asleep. I wondered the next day if he'd just chosen a bad script. I'd heard he had dropped out of the American Hollywood scene and fled to Europe. Had he lost the magic touch? The last thing I'd seen him in was Alice in Wonderland. I'd loved his eccentric portrayal of the already eccentric Mad Hatter.

There was not much in the math teacher to command any sort of adulation. Except of course that Jolie's character Elise had taken an interest in him. Given her character was driven by expert costuming and make-up, enhanced of course by her sheer natural beauty, it was a thin thread, but I kept watching.The unusual setting of Venice was pretty fascinating as well.

As it turned out, Johnny Depp gave one of the most spectacular performances I'd ever seen. Without spoiling the movie for you, I'd have to say he drives the plot with his eyes. Check it out, and see if you think so too.

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