Friday, July 15, 2011

Campfire Musing

The moon is out. There's a chilly little breeze blowing through the trees...It's the perfect evening for a campfire.

I can't help but wonder how many people have huddled together over a campfire and shared common dreams, fears, and experiences as they stared into the dancing flames. Fire is such a unifying, terrifying, comforting, powerful force. We try to tame it; it overpowers us. We are in awe of it's beauty and strength. How did the first human feel when seeing it for the first time?

Unlike any other force on earth, it is liquid energy,  and defies a full explanation, because to examine it would require handling, and it will not be handled without consequence.  It burns everything in its path, and leaves behind total destruction  and sometimes,  life and rejuvenation.  

Is it good, or evil? What is its relationship to God?

We have long associated fire with punishment. We speak of burning away the dross, of cleansing with fire, as if it had redeeming qualities.

Surely it is far above human capabilities, and akin to divine power. But the other side is that it seems to belong to the devil. For he will inhabit the flames of hell. The mind reels, snaps back to feel the sting of a mosquito on the arm.

Time to go up to bed.We are back to reality. After all, the log is burned out. All the marshmallows are eaten.

The mystery of fire remains.

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