Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

I started out today hoping to get one basket of laundry done, namely the one in my bedroom. It wasn't even that full. Easy task for one day, right?

Going over to the washing machine, I noticed the clothes in it were dampish and not as sweet. They'd sat all night. I re-soaped and washed them. In the meantime, I'd unload what was in the dryer. When I took the clothes out of the dryer, I noticed there was a pile of unfolded clothes in the living room. As I walked past, I saw the movie that I'd been wanting to watch. "I'll fold clothes and keep doing laundry as I watch it", I rationalized. I even got someone else to do this with me. But I should clean up the kitchen up, first. So, I did. Then I sat down to fold clothes and watch the movie.  The person watching with me could only watch half of the movie, because she had to go somewhere at 12. I turned it off. By then I was hungry for lunch. I made myself a grilled cheese, and ate it, making a small list of things I didn't want to forget to do today.

While I made the list, my husband called, reminding me to send an e-mail I had forgotten about. Just then my daughters needed help getting a bike fixed so they could take a bike ride. As I settled in upstairs to send the e-mail,  my husband called. In the middle of that phone call, a piano student showed up unexpectedly at the door, so I taught a piano lesson. Then I came back upstairs to finish the e-mail, and I got a long distance call from my sister-in law. In the middle of that call I got a call from one of my daughters telling me she'd aced her job interview.

I just now remembered the laundry.

It is 3 pm. I decided posting about this is a much better use of my time than doing the laundry.

I'm going downstairs right now to finish the laundry.


Right after I take this phone call...

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